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At Helpful Care Transport WE DO NOT believe in "safe door to door" service. We are VERY personable, and personally go into the school, and pick your child up. WE DO NOT wait outside in a busy driveway full of busy cars and school buses. We will walk your child to the  school office each day, and pick them up at the same office after school. If not the school office we will agree on a meeting point, and this will be the point we will drop off and pick your child up!

About Helpful Care In-Home Services

Helpful Care In-Home Services was founded in 2005 by Bridget Hijazi, We believe that families of today need all the support they can get. Many Families don't have extended family to help. so please let Helpful Care In-Home Services be YOUR extended family.

Ms. Hijazi has 40 years of experience in Home/Child Care in The U.K. and here in Canada. Ms Hijazi is very caring and compassionate and enjoys helping others. She believes that every parent needs help and it takes everything out of them to raise a child. Ms. Hijazi knows only too well how this can affect your own health, and strongly believes parents needs to take a break, and to not worry their children has arrived at school or home safely. Ms. Hijazi would love to ask you to consider helpful care as your Child's Transportation Operator.


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