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Really hectic schedule? Would love to free up some of your daily schedule.

Helpful Care Transport is here to help!

Commuting every day to and from work,  is stressful enough, and can be very time consuming. Always worrying how to get the children to school on time, and you not being late for work.  

Heavy traffic, and bad weather, can also add to these very stressful times.  

Always wishing you had someone there to help, and not have it all fall on your shoulders.

At Helpful Care Transport WE DO NOT believe in "safe door to door" service. We are VERY personable, and personally go into the school, and pick your child up. WE DO NOT wait outside in a busy driveway full of busy cars and school buses. We will walk your child to the  school office each day, and pick them up at the same office after school. If not the school office we will agree on a meeting point, and this will be the point we will drop off and pick your child up!

Children Extra-Curricular Activities: Child wants to do after school activities, but you have other children at home, and dinner, snack, home work, oh and let;s not forget house work, and laundry! Have no time to take the children to their desired activities? No problem Helpful Care Transport Can help you with that too!

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